Gravel Bed News–72 trees placed in our gravel beds this weekend!

Our team worked through the rain on Saturday to get 72 trees planted in our gravel beds.  Native trees… dogwood, sweetbay magnolia, pin oak, red maple and others were taken out of nursery pots and their  roots were washed and prepped for installation in the gravel bed.  By taking this step, the roots will grow in the gravel bed over the next few months.  These trees, with healthy root systems, will be available for planting in the fall.  The photo below shows how a red maple looks just before it goes in the gravel bed.

Jenna Evers helped us out on Saturday:  “I enjoyed getting the young trees ready for success in the gravel beds and beyond! It was a great way to get practice in correcting circling roots, planting, and tree ID.”  Thanks Jenna and everyone!

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