Certified Tree Steward Tool Kit

Mailing Address:

Richmond Tree Stewards
PO. Box 27222
Richmond, VA 23261-7222

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Education and Maintaining Certification

Propose a Project

Report your TS Volunteer Hours

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Organizational and City Documents

City of Richmond Urban Forestry website:

  • Municipal Tree Policy Ordinance
  • STRATUM Survey of Street Trees Report
  • Current tree removal list
  • Adopt a tree information
  • Applications for planting / removing city trees
  • Virginia Urban Tree Canopy Analysis
  • Tree Inventory Mapping Application link here Richmond Tree Inventory–Interactive Map

TS Organization Document

TS Policies and Procedures Rev. Aug 2015

Study Guides:

Study Guide for Tree Steward Certification

Pruning Test Study Guide


Watering Information

Talking Points for Watering Trees

2014 Tree Watering Flyer

National Weather Service Precipitation Map


Community Roots checklists

Initial Steward Checklists for Community Roots Project

Final Steward Checklist for Community Roots Project



Field Tips for Tree Stewards (Refresher on debris location & ways we can assist our city arborists)

Markets 101  (Helpful information for community outreach events)

CanopySetupInstructions (Also for community outreach events…how to set up our canopy)

Soil – How to Determine Soil Type

Water Pump Directions

Trees Recommended for Urban Landscapes

English Ivy Brochure v.2.0

March 2016 Tree Planting Class